At Gudde Co. we don't limit ourselves to only wooden furniture. We like to mix mediums with wood and steel or wood and aluminum pieces. We do all of the welding for our pieces in house.  We find that by keeping the design, fabrication, welding and woodworking in house, we are able to control the entire build start to finish ensuring the highest possible quality.  Where others may need to outsource the welding of a table base to another individual, Gudde Co. is able to ensure that the welded piece is made to the proper design and dimensions. This allows us to achieve our heirloom quality in not only our woodworking, but our metal fabrication and welding as well. 

We offer several different welding services, from MIG welding fabrication for a true industrial/modern look, to TIG welding for the times when the welds themselves are focal points of the piece and need to be just as beautiful as the piece itself.  We are also able to weld Aluminum for outdoor furniture or a lightweight option for our furniture pieces.  

MIG Weld On Our Trestle Base

We take our welding and fabrication seriously.  We meticulously clean, prep and weld each piece to ensure the end result will last a lifetime.  To us, welding isn't just another remedial task, but one that is a true art form that is just as important as a glue joint in our tables or a mortise and tenon joint in our chairs.