Salvaged Urban Lumber

A few years ago I began my journey into the realm of salvaging and milling my own lumber from around the Austin area. I bought a chainsaw and an Alaskan chainsaw mill and the rest is history. Since then I have found and saved many logs from around the Austin area that would likely have ended up in a landfill or chipped up and sold as mulch. I mill the pieces into slabs and allow them to air dry until it is time for the kiln. 


Austin, Texas is home to several amazing species of trees that aren't typically going to find at your run of the mill lumber yard. Species like Live Oak, Pecan, Post Oak, Walnut and Mesquite just to name a few. Pecan is by far the most popular of the South Texas hardwoods. I have been fortunate enough to save a few pecan, live oak and walnut trees and mill them myself into live edge slabs. Below are a few examples of pieces I've been able to mill and even a few that have been forever given a new life as furniture.