Our Process


As a one man shop, each pieces is designed and built by Me (Dane).  The designs usually start as tiny ideas, inspired by nature in the case of the live edge pieces, by architectural design seen in passing, or simply by an image in the mind that has become a reality.

Each piece is designed, whether drawn out on paper or going off an image in the mind, with one clear goal: Creating pieces that will outlast the maker.  My pieces are designed to be visually appealing, functional works of art.  I highlight natural characteristics found in each piece, like cracks or knots, to help tell the history of that specific piece of lumber.  I don't view cracks or knots as defects, but rather nature's hand at work in making sure that each piece we build will be unique.  I like to enhance what nature has done by stabilizing cracks or knots and using them as focal points.

I want my pieces to be loved by those who are purchasing them as much as we have loved building them and to help tell your family's story. So they can be heirloom pieces that are passed down through the generations. 


After a piece has a basic design, the process begins with wood selection.  I allow the wood to dictate what the finished piece will become. This is especially true with the live edge pieces. As no two pieces of wood are exactly alike, I use the wood to help create functional works of art.

Whenever possible, I use second generation lumber.  This lumber can come from a local individual who bought too much for a previous project, or someone who bought lumber 20 years ago with the intentions of building something but never completed it.  Or simply salvaged lumber from urban trees that have been downed by flooding, disasters, or disease.  I try to source as much of my lumber from local suppliers and individuals as much as possible. When I am unable to find a local source, lumber is purchased from the lumber yards around the Austin area.


Once a project is designed, assembled, glued, and sanded it's now time to apply the final finish.  I take finishing very seriously.  I never use any finish that stains or alters the natural colors of the wood.  I feel that by applying a stain to our pieces, it is an attempt to change what nature has done, making it something it is not. I have found that stains and dyes will often create a final piece that, most often, looks unnatural and far too uniformed in color.  Wood, by it's very nature, is extremely diverse in color, hue, tint and complexion.  I only use finishes that enhance the natural color and appearance of the wood, without changing the color.  By doing this, I feel I create pieces that are truly unique.

For all of our pieces we use eco-friendly oil based finishes.  An oil based finish protects the wood from the inside out and allows the wood to naturally move with the changing seasons without finish cracks or issues.  Most polyurethane based finishes will create a film on the surface of the wood that has the potential to crack and split as the wood expands and contracts with the changing seasons.  Oil based finishes soak in to the grain of the wood and harden under the surface, allowing the wood to breathe naturally.  

I use three different finish brands: Woca Oil, Poly-X Hardwax Oil and Rubio Monocoat.  All are VOC-Free, plant based, and safe for the environment and your family.  Each finish I use is water resistant and safe for your family. However, as with any finish, oil or plastic based, ring stains and discoloration may occur if not properly maintained. See the Care and Maintenance page for recommended care of your piece.  This finishing process allows my pieces to age gracefully and tell your families story.