Native Texas Mesquite Pedestal Table

This table is something truly unique and native to Texas.  Sourced from Mesquite logs that were downed in recent flooding in the Austin/San Antonio area, these pieces are one of a kind.  Left as natural as possible, to help give these trees a second life in your living room.  The base of this table was designed specifically for the mesquite slab that is fitted to the top.  Made from TIG welded raw steel, pedestal base highlights the Mesquite slab while retaining the steel's natural character.  The bases are coated with a clear matte coat enamel to aid in rust prevention and to show off the raw steel beauty.

Dimensions: 29L x 20D x 24T (Due to the live edge nature of the top, the dimensions are approximate)


This table top is finished with an all natural, plant based, oil finish. The finish used is called WOCA oil and is VOC-Free and eco friendly. As with all oil finishes, if not properly maintained, ring stains and natural discoloration can occur. Please visit our Care and Maintenance page for more information.

Tables pictured available in our store for immediate shipment or delivery.