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It's a major award... it could be a bowling alley!

Texas Furniture Makers Show

I was honored to be selected to participate in this year's Texas Furniture Makers Show® in Kerrville, TX. The Show® is a statewide competition of the finest custom furniture makers in Texas; only taking 50-60 pieces each year through a juried selection process. The pieces are displayed in the Kerrville Arts Center Gallery and the exhibit is open to the public for 5 weeks, allowing people to enjoy and see the work of these selected furniture makers. 

My piece selected for The Show®:

The Show® is also juried by a few well-known local and national woodworking experts, selected each year, to come and judge the Show® pieces and award the makers who best fit the criteria for which they're looking in each category.

Last week was the Awards Ceremony and Reception for this year's show and I was in attendance. Seeing the gallery full of the juried pieces was incredible! So many talented makers from across the state in one place, with differing levels of experience, techniques, and stylings. It was great to spend time with these fellow furniture makers. We talked shop, traded techniques and ideas, and spoke of our favorite master woodworkers, all while admiring each others work. As my wife would say, I was "among my people" and "giddy" being around these other makers; people who love woodworking as much as I do!

Toward the end of the evening the Awards Ceremony began. Surrounded by amazing talent and unique pieces, I was not expecting anything from the ceremony but only to see what caught the judges eyes. However, to my extreme surprise I was awarded "Best Finish" for my piece. While this wasn't an "official" award category with a monetary price, the judges felt I should be awarded for my finishing work as it stood out among all the other pieces. So much so, that even the judges themselves were asking questions about my finishing techniques...which was awesome!

Recent Pieces

East Austin Pecan Benches


The Pecan used in this set was sourced and milled from an East Austin Pecan tree that fell and was destined for the landfill. I was able to secure the trunk and main limbs, milling everything on-site to ensure that this tree wouldn't be another wasted treasure. These benches are among the first pieces made from lumber which was harvested, milled, and built from local trees that I have saved.

Remember the Pecan milling process? See it again here and here!

Live Oak Coffee Table

The Live Oak slab used for this table comes from a heritage tree in Austin. The tree had to be removed for safety reasons by the homeowner. The tree was located in an older North Austin neighborhood where it stood for decades. The Walnut center base is complimented by White Oak stretchers that are meticulously fitted with traditional bridal joints for strength and stability.


Live Edge Cherry Media Stand

This media stand was custom ordered by a local client who wanted a nice mix of my previous console table design but, with an area for storage of media peripherals.  This was the design I came up with and I feel that the Cherry slab top on the cherry case goes perfectly with the steel base design. It was recently delivered to its new home in South Austin.  

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